Take the hassle out of booking appointments

Trying to find a time that suits your patients can become a nightmare and tie your staff up in lengthy phone calls. Give your patients the option to see your calendar and choose a time slot that works for them.

Our system lets you capture your operating hours, slot interval and off times to effectively build a calendar showing your availability. Patients are able to book an appointment for a single slot while your system administrator can schedule appointments for any length of time.

Our system's design is simple and intuitive and gives you and your team a clear view of your appointments and where there are available slots.

Managing your appointment calendar has never been easier!


Setting up your profile

  • Operating Hours : Operating hours can be set per day and can start and end at any time.
  • Appointment duration : Your appointment duration determines how many slots are made available for patients to select from.
  • Off Times : You have the ability to add Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual or Once-off times that you are unavailable. These could typically be for daily lunch times, weekly staff meetings or annual anniversary breakfast.
  • Public Holidays : We automatically mark public holidays as unavailable, but you are able to override this setting and allow bookings for any or all public holiday.
  • Unique code : You are able to select an unique code which your patients can use to go directly to your calendar without having to search for your calendar first. You are also able to use your unique code in your website to direct patients to your booking calendar.

Patient booking

  • Patients can use your unique url code in their browser (e.g. bookmydoctor.co.za/SMITDB) to go directly to your calendar or search for you on the landing page.
  • There is no need for patients to create an account or login to use the system. They have the option to save their info locally so that it's automatically filled in for future appointment bookings.
  • Patients are presented with all available time slots for the period they've selected and simply have to click any slot to make the booking.
  • Only basic main member and patient information is required. If enabled in your profile, a short description of the health issue can also be captured.
  • We email and SMS confirmation of the appointment directly to the main member and/or patient. The email contains a link which can be used to cancel the appointment. There is also an option to notify the healthcare provider when an appointment has been made.
  • SMS reminders are automatically sent 24 and/or 2 hours before the appointment. How often and when patients receives reminder, as well as whether they can opt out of receiving them, can be set in your account profile.
  • When enabled in your profile, patients are able to receive a notification when an earlier time slot becomes available.

Managing your calendar

  • Once signed in, your system administrator is presented with the current week's calendar showing all appointments, available slots, blocked slots and off times.
  • They are able to easily view, add, move, copy or cancel appoinments. All actions will automatically email and SMS patients with relevant information.
  • Appointments can be flagged as "No Show" and easily rescheduled.
  • Time slots can also easily be blocked so that they are unavailable for patients to select. These are typically for when a buffer needs to be created quickly.
  • A follow-up reminder can be set to automatically send out patient reminders when a follow-up appointments is due.
  • For a detailed view, admins are able to show all appointments for a single selected day.
  • Your admin is able to update your operating hours, appointment duration, off times, profile and override public holiday blocking.
  • All appointments can easily be exported as an Excel spreadsheet.
  • A comprehensive disaster recovery plan is in place for any unforseen critical events.


The price for this incredible service is only R249 per month.

Cost includes hosting, standard smsses, regular off-site back-ups and 24/7 local support.

*If you honestly cannot afford this fee, please contact us and we'll arrange something that works for you and your patients.